Reservation & Permit Information

Endicott Park Picnic Pavilion

Outdoor Picnic Area Reservations

Due to the overwhelming number of requests we receive annually for outdoor picnic area space, the Town requires any organized group or family outing to make a reservation and obtain a permit. The permit reservation ensures we have the space available for your group. Endicott Park has two picnic areas (50 person capacity each) and a covered pavilion and picnic area (100 person capacity) that can be reserved. Each picnic area has between 10 to 12 picnic tables, with one handicap-accessible table. 

Scroll down to be sure your reservation does not require a Special Event Permit.

Indoor Room Reservations

Endicott Park offers indoor room rentals at the Visitors Center (restrictions apply). The Visitors Center rooms available are: the Carriage Room (35 person capacity) and the Conference Room (35 person capacity). Folding chairs and tables are available for use in the Carriage Room. The Conference Room offers a 10 foot conference table with 12 chairs.

Scroll down to be sure your reservation does not require a Special Event Permit.

Indoor reservations or inquiries, please contact Erika at

Special Event Permits

Special Event Permits are required for certain types of events and activities so that staff can best serve your needs while balancing the needs of other park visitors and the capacity of the park and facility. 

A Special Event permit is required for: any PUBLIC EVENT (open to the public; includes walks, runs, rides, festivals, vendor fairs);  ADMISSION BASED EVENT (paid ticket is required for entry); PRIVATE EVENT w/ 200+ ATTENDEES (private, by invitation only); PROFESSIONAL CINEMATOGRAPHY; PUBLIC ASSEMBLY; TOURNAMENT; or WEDDING (ceremonies, receptions, and vow renewals), whether held for profit, nonprofit or charitable purposes, occurring for a limited or fixed duration that impacts Endicott Park by involving the use of, or having impact on, town-owned, leased or controlled property, or requiring Town licensing or services beyond the scope of normal business and/or liquor regulations; or creates public impacts through any of the following:
  1. Use of public property, facilities, trails, or parks, and/or
  2. Use of parking facilities, and/or
  3. Use of amplified sound
  4. Outdoor or temporary events that do not normally occur with the permitted use.
Special Event Permits or inquiries, please contact Erika at