Water & Sewer Divisions

The Water Division maintains roughly 150 miles of water distribution mains ranging in diameter from 4 inches to 24 inches including over 1,000 fire hydrants and 10,200 water service connections. Our divisions are also providing over 1,750 Digsafe mark outs for water and sewer infrastructure to contractors and property owners throughout the Town of Danvers. Our water treatment plant operates a state-certified laboratory for water bacterial analysis and ensures compliance with the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Safe Drinking Water Act and our Modified Drinking Water Permit Requirements with The Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (DEP).

Our Sewer Division maintains over 125 miles of gravity sewer main, 4 miles of sewer force main, 14 sewer pump stations that service approximately 8,300 sewer service connections while maintaining compliance with all applicable EPA and DEP Regulations.

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