Be Green

The Town of Danvers is committed to working with our residents, businesses and visitors to be environmentally conscious. We strive to be a sustainable community, and in the following are some of our programs geared toward conservation. Please read about our programs and see how you can participate and be part of the solution. Help the environment and benefit from your earth conscious actions.  

1. Get a FREE home energy assessment 

Danvers Electric has partnered with ENE to provide free Home Energy Assessments for residential customers. Danvers residents can call ENE at 888-772-4242, email Energy New England, or visit the Energy New England site to schedule a free remote home energy assessment today.

2. Electrify your homes heating and cooling 

Transitioning your home from heating and cooling with fossil fuels like natural gas and oil will help to create a more sustainable future. You make not be ready to make the switch yet, but Danvers Electric provides all the support and information you need to make sure you are prepared. Learn more about electrifying your home with Danvers Electric

3. Visit green space

Taking time to visit green space and utilize natural resources promote outdoor activities and the need for improved environmental conditions. The Town of Danvers offers many green spaces including Endicott Park, Pope's Landing, and the Rail Trail.

4. Drive Electric 

Switching to an electric vehicle can help lower your emissions. Danvers Electric has partnered with Energy New England to offer Danvers Drives Electric, an outreach program to inform the electric utility customer about the savings and benefits that come from choosing an electric car and charging it at home overnight.

5. Reuse, Reduce, and Recycle 

There are many ways to help reduce how must trash we produce. While recycling is important, the first crucial step to limiting waste is reducing and reusing. Learn more about reusing, reducing, and recycling in Danvers. 

6. Composting

Another way to reduce your waste is by composting! Composting can be done at home or you can opt into a curbside collection program with a private vendor. 

7. Conserve water indoors and outdoors 

Water is a critical resource and in order to preserve it we have to think about how we use it. Learn more about the Town of Danvers water rebates. Calculate your water usage to make informed decisions about conservation and sustainability practices with Mass EEA's water use calculator tool at

8. Practice sustainable landscaping 

During the spring and summer months, Danvers sees a significant increase in water usage due to outdoor watering. By practicing sustainable landscaping, we can reduce our water usage and protect our water supply. Learn more about sustainable landscaping through the Greenscapes Guide (PDF)

9. Plant a tree 

Every year the Town of Danvers DPW Forestry Division plants 75 trees each year. Request a tree planting near your property.

10. Get involved in Clean Up Day!

Each year to help celebrate Earth Day. the Town of Danvers partners with community groups and volunteers to help clean up litter in areas around town. Sign up and find more information about the 2024 Town Wide Clean Up Day.