Trash and Recycling 

All trash and recycling must be placed curbside by 7:00AM

Trash collection is limited based on home type. 

  • Single Family Homes: Limit of 3 bags or barrels of trash
  • Multi-Family Homes: (2 to 4 units): Limit of 5 bags or barrels total
    • Multi-family homes with more than 4 units and all businesses are not eligible for any curbside pickup (trash/recycling/bulky item/yard waste/mattresses

Recycling is dual stream, mandatory and unlimited

  • Recycling must be put out weekly in order to have your trash picked up.
  • Contaminated recycling will be stickered and left curbside.
  • No recyclables accepted curbside are allowed in the trash (unless contaminated)-your trash will not be picked up.
  • Barrels/bags/recycling bins may not be larger than 45 gallons/50 pounds. Do not overfill-nothing over the top of the barrel. Anything over these limits will be left curbside.
  • Call 978-762-0231 or email Curb Side Pickup with issues pertaining to trash, recycling, bulky item and yard waste curbside pickup.