Snow & Ice

Street Division Responsibilities

The Streets Division is responsible for the preparation and salting of roads prior to snow events. During snow events, snow removal must begin, and streets personnel work to plow town roads, 38 miles of sidewalks, and cross walks. After snow events have ended, the streets division is still working to remove remaining snow and ice to ensure the safety of all Danvers residents and visitors. Although the majority of snowplowing and snow removal work is performed by the DPW, the department also utilizes the services of local contractors to assist the Town's fleet.

View the Snow Storm Safety Guide (PDF).

Snow Storm Safety Guide

Snow Emergency Parking Bans

The Department of Public Works wishes to remind residents that the snow season is upon us, and parking bans for the 2023-2024 snow season may be necessary.  Parking Bans are intended to keep streets open and safe, allowing our DPW crews to remove snow efficiently during winter storm events.  Residents are encouraged to plan for alternative off-street parking.   Included below is the critical information about the winter parking ban:

When is it?

When weather conditions warrant, the Town may institute a “full parking ban” (day and night) or an “overnight parking ban,” which applies only between 1 AM and 6 AM.  The Town may implement a Town-wide ban or a ban in a limited geographical area.

How is parking affected?

During “normal” snow events, the Town typically implements an overnight parking ban to complete snow operations.  During “major” winter storms, a total parking ban may be enacted until winter storm operations are completed.  The fine for violating a parking ban is $25, and the vehicle may be towed at the owner’s expense.

How will I be notified?

Whenever a Parking Ban is instituted, the Town of Danvers notifies residents and businesses by phone, e-mail, or cell phone text message based on your preferences specified in our community notification system, Blackboard Connect.  During “normal” operations, a Town-wide call will be made the evening before 7:00 PM, with notification of the overnight parking ban.  For “major” winter storms, a Town-wide call will be made no later than six hours before the effective time, when possible.

Our community notification system automatically includes residents’ and businesses’ landlines. You can receive information from us via phone, e-mail, or text.  To change your preferences, go to, select Departments—Public Works, and under DPW Links, click “Set Up Notification Preferences.”

Message boards displaying the parking ban notification will be placed on the main roads in town.  In addition, local news websites and DCAT are notified.   Information is also posted on the Town of Danvers website at and on social media outlets.  Like our Danvers DPW Facebook Page and follow us on Twitter @DanversDPW for updates.

How long will the parking ban last?

Once announced, Parking Bans stay in effect until rescinded.  The Town will make a second call to residents and businesses to let you know when the Parking Ban is lifted.  Although rare, such bans may last several days, depending on the extent of the storm and cleanup operations.  Please keep vehicles off the streets during snowstorms, even when the parking ban is not in place.  Clear roads make snow removal by the DPW more efficient.