Triad Safety Programs

Danvers Triad Council

Essex County Triad is a collaboration of law enforcement personnel, Councils on Aging and other support service providers along with senior citizens in each community. Sheriff Coppinger and District Attorney Jonathan Blodgett brought Triad to Essex County in order to support and empower the senior population.

Programs offered by the Danvers Triad are tailored to meet the needs of Danvers residents.

Seniors & Law Enforcement Together

Danvers COA and Seniors Triad


With a focus on senior safety, Triad offers programs such as File of Life - a magnetic folder containing a person's medical information; Grab and Go bag - an emergency preparedness kit; and the Yellow Dot - a decal that alerts emergency responders that the driver's vital medical information is in the glove box.

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Triad Corner - Fire Safety & Fall Prevention (DCAT, January 17, 2019)

Please note, quarterly Triad meetings have been suspended due to the pandemic until further notice.

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