Financial Management System – MUNIS

The Town's financial management system is outdated and lacks long-term support from its developer. We are implementing a new, modern software package which will improve operational efficiencies, automate manual processes, and integrate with other software systems. training.

Municipal Website - CivicPlus

The new website aims to establish a more responsive online presence with better functionality and a more robust site to improve the experience for both the community and staff. 

E‐Permitting Platform - OpenGov

A single software product for all Town permitting will provide consistency, accessibility and improved efficiency by automating prerequisites and approvals. This solution also includes digitization of permitting process, consistency in statistical data and potential increase in revenue due to more user-friendly online process.

Datacenter – 5 Year Refresh Cycle

The Town’s datacenter components will soon be at end of life. A refresh represents an opportunity to invest in a critical asset and provide stability to the datacenter environment for the next five years.

Cybersecurity Fabric

The landscape of cybersecurity has changed significantly over the past few years. The news media provides us with numerous examples of municipalities and schools that are affected by ransomware and other cyberattacks. The Town is adding layers of security to protect the increasing value of our digital assets. Technology has experienced growth over the last few years leaving us more to protect at greater loss potential. Adding to our risk mitigation techniques in cybersecurity will help protect us from ransomware or loss of personal information as well as meet new state and federal compliance requirements.