Protect Your Pipes

What not to Flush...

To avoid costly clogs, protect our public health, and keep our water clean, make sure you are not disposing of incorrect items down the drain. Follow this list of what not to flush!

  1. Flushable Wipes: Even though they may say flushable, these wipes don't actually break down, causing clogging within sewer pipes. If you must use wipes, place them in the trash and not the toilet! 
  2. Sanitary/Feminine Products: These items include everything from tampons, sanitary napkins, and diapers, to dental floss, cotton balls, and Q-tips. Many of these items absorb moisture or don't break down in the pipes causing clogging. 
  3. Medications/Vitamins: Flushing medications down the drain may not be removed during the wastewater treatment process which can heavily affect wildlife and water health. 
  4. FOGS (fats, oils, and grease): These items can solidify while in the pipes. Sending these items down the drain can create clogs in pipes and sewer mains.  
  5. Cleaning Material: Certain household products can create clogs, contaminate water, and cause environmental impact even after treatment. 

All wastewater and sewage from Danvers get sent to the South Essex Sewer District located in Salem, Massachusetts. Visit Save Your Pipes - Don't Flush Wipes! to find out more about what cant go down the drain. 

Protect your pipesThink before you flush


Is your sump pump connected to the town's sewer system? 

The Town of Danvers prohibits sump pumps from being connected to the Town’s Sewer System. There is no “grandfathering” for any sump pumps that are connected. View the sewer connection regulation PDF for more information and proper installation. 

Improper and Proper Installation of the Sump Pump