Apply for Permits and Inspections 

Construction Plan Review

Access the steps for the plan reviews residential and commercial standards.

Regulations for temporary dumpsters and instructions for obtaining a permit.

Browse information regarding the fire alarm and sprinkler plan review and permits.

Massachusetts Comprehensive Fire Safety Code 527 CMR 1 Chapter and Chapter 66 Section 66.1.5 require that a permit be issued annually to keep, store, manufacture or handle flammables or combustibles.

A hotworks permit shall be obtained from the Fire Department by the person performing any welding or cutting operations within or attached to any structure. A hotworks permit will also be required for any contractor conducting hotworks operations without an electrical or plumbing permit.

All oil burner / boiler work shall comply with Massachusetts Comprehensive Fire Code 527 CMR 1 Chapter 11 and be documented on Department of Fire Services Form FP-056 form 1.

To ensure that all propane tank installations are completed in accordance with the requirements of the Massachusetts Fire Prevention Regulations.

Please review the information for requirements for smoke and carbon monoxide detectors in your home.