Pump Out, Don't Dump OutThe Danvers Harbormaster's Office will resume pumpout boat operations in May 2023.  

We are no longer be taking online registrations. Instead, you will need to hail the pumpout boat on Channel 09 VHF during the operating hours (TBD). You will need to be aboard your vessel at the time of pumpout and will be required to fill out and sign a brief waiver form. A current 2023 Danvers waterways permit is required.

In years past we've averaged over 100 pumpouts per week. This will not be possible this year with limited staffing, so we ask that you only hail the pumpout boat when absolutely needed and consider using the shore-based facilities whenever possible.

Pump Out, Don't Dump Out! The free shore-based pumpout is still available at the Danversport Marina fuel dock and travel lift. Please be sure to use the pumpout and do not discharge sewage into the waterways. Report any violation of illegal discharge to the Harbormaster's Office at 978-762-0210. Violators will be subject to a $2,000 fine.

Pumpout services are primarily funded under the federal Clean Vessel Act (CVA). The Clean Vessel Act was passed by Congress in 1992 and established a federal grant program administered by the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service. Federal funds provided 75% of all the equipment and operating costs for this service. Remaining costs are funded locally by the Town of Danvers using funds received from boat excise taxes. All pump out services are provided free of charge to recreational boaters using Danvers Waterways.