2023 Town Wide Clean Up 

_Town Wide Clean Up Even with the cloudy weather on Saturday, April 22nd, over 200 volunteers gathered around town to participate in the Town of Danvers’ first Town Wide Clean Up Event! This event was hosted by the Danvers DPW and the Rail Trail Committee. Groups and individuals spread out around town to clean up litter in areas including the Rail Trail, public schools, public parks, athletic fields, Pope’s Landing, Endicott Park, the Meadows, the Danvers Food Pantry, Nichols Street, Purchase Street, Brad Purcell Skate Park, Downtown Danvers and Proctor Farm.

With the team effort and motivation from all event participants, Danvers’ Town Wide Clean Up event turned out to be a great success! 33 sites were cleaned up, and 1,740 pounds of litter was collected! 

A big shout-out goes out to all of our volunteers! Without them, this event would not have been able to happen.

Clean up Danvers is important not only to beautify Danvers but also to promote proper disposal practices and help combat the effects littering has on our local environment. We are lucky enough to be surrounded by such special spaces including Endicott Park, the Danvers Rail Trail, Pope’s Landing, and College Pond.  Litter negatively affects these areas and our community as a whole by clogging drainage, polluting our soil, water, and air, and causing harm to the ecosystems surrounding us.

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