2023 Town Wide Clean Up 

The Danvers DPW, in partnership with the Rail Trail Committee, will be hosting the Danvers Town Wide Clean Up event this year on_Town Wide Clean Up Saturday, April 22, from 9:00 am - 12:00 pm, to help celebrate Earth Day! All town groups are encouraged to participate including schools, youth leagues, neighborhood associations, town clubs, Boy Scout and Girl Scout troops, churches and temples, and any other small group OR even just an individual that wishes to join in on this great event! This is an opportunity to clean up areas around town to maintain Danvers’ beauty. 

Clean up Danvers is important not only to beautify Danvers but also to promote proper disposal practices and help combat the effects littering has on our local environment. We are lucky enough to be surrounded by such special spaces including Endicott Park, the Danvers Rail Trail, Pope’s Landing, and College Pond.  Litter negatively affects these areas and our community as a whole by clogging drainage, polluting our soil, water, and air, and causing harm to the ecosystems surrounding us.

Last year, over 150 volunteers participated and 26 sites around town were cleaned. In total volunteers collected over 2,000 pounds of litter! We are hoping to beat these numbers this year!

How to sign up:

  1. Gather your group! Are you going to participate with a group or as an individual? Either way, you can still participate! If you are participating as a group, elect a group leader to sign up the group as a whole. 
  2. Decide where you want to clean up! Please note when selecting an area to clean, only town-owned and public spaces will be included in the event to help benefit the town as a whole community. View the full list of available sites before selection, if you would like to clean up a location not on the list, please indicate the location when signing up. 
  3. Sign up your group using the 2023 Town Wide Clean Up form
  4. Get ready to help Clean Up Danvers!  Town staff will be in touch with group leaders and volunteers closer to the event date. 

Danvers DPW will provide supplies including blue garbage bags, clear bags for recycling, and gloves. DPW staff will complete the cleanup Monday, April 24th, by collecting all garbage and recycling bags and large debris at designated pickup locations.

If you have any questions about the Clean Up Day or singing up, please email danverscleanup@danversma.gov

2023 Town Wide Clean Up

  1. ex: next to high school dumpster, corner of High Street and Park Street, Endicott Park front gate, etc. 

  2. Will you be willing to take pictures of your group and send to the DPW to share? (social media, newsletter, website)
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