How do I recycle textiles?

Danvers residents with curbside trash and recycling pickup can recycle unwanted textiles. Details are in the following: (Service Update June 2021)

  • For Curbside Textile Recycling managed by Simple Recycling you must schedule an appointment on their website or call 866-835-5068.
  • Items no longer need to be in pink bags. Place textiles in either a bag or a box curbside or by your back door on the morning of your scheduled pick up.

The Danvers Department of Public Works (DPW) is providing this service, free to the residents of Danvers, in partnership with Simple Recycling. Please see the below link for details.

Textile Recycling - Town of Danvers

Danvers offers two zero waste weekend recycling events annually in the spring and fall. One of the services offered is textile recycling. We accept clothing, shoes, purses, linens, bedding, etc. Please see our Events for details. Many charities will also recycle textiles, you can contact them directly for pickup or you can drop your textiles in any labeled bin.

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