How do I find program information?

There are numerous ways to receive Recreation program information:.

  • Instagram
    Follow us @danversrec on Instagram for up-to-date programming and event information as well as updates, pictures, videos and links.

  • Facebook
    Follow us @Danvers Recreation on Facebook to access up-to-date information. Our Facebook posts provide information regarding current programs, pictures, videos, links and updates on our programs and events!

  • Twitter
    Follow @DanversRec onTwitter for up-to-date notifications and information regarding all things recreation.

  • Website
    The Town of Danvers Recreation website is a great resource for information on all things recreation related. New programs,information and seasonal offerings are posted frequently on the Recreation Department Page. 

  • Recreation Office in Town Hall
    Please visit us during business hours in Town Hall, 1 Sylvan Street, Danvers, MA. (M-W 8am- 4PM, Th. 8am-7pm, F. 8am-noon).

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