How do I apply for a One-Day Liquor License?

The Select Board is the approval authority for One-Day Liquor Licenses. The fee for a Wine and Malt One-Day License is $30, the fee for an All Alcoholic One-Day License is $50. A completed application will be submitted to the Town Clerk along with appropriate departmental approvals, TIPS certification for event Manager along with a $1,000,000 liquor liability insurance binder. Once a completed application is accepted the event Manager will appear before the Select Board.

Please allow sufficient time between submitting your application and your event date. A completed form is required for the request. All requests are subject to the Select Board approval.

You may email Catherine Ellsworth, Town Clerk, or call her at 978-777-0001, ext. 3046, or the Office of the Town Clerk with any questions or to obtain an application.

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