What is a SHINE Counselor?

SHINE counselors are trained and certified each year through the Executive Office of Elder Affairs in the various options available to Medicare beneficiaries - including:

  • Medicare Parts A and B
  • Eligibility and Enrollment
  • Medicare Advantage (Part C)
  • Medigap Supplements
  • Medicare Prescription Drug Coverage
  • Part B Premium Assistance
  • Extra Help (LIS) and Prescription Advantage
  • MassHealth
  • Other programs for people with limited resources that help with paying for health care costs

If you would like to volunteer for the SHINE program, or are interested in recruiting a SHINE Counselor for your site, call your local SHINE Program Director at 800-243-4636; press 3, if calling from a landline or press 5, if calling from cell phone. Or visit the Massachusetts State SHINE Program site.

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2. What is a SHINE Counselor?
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