How can a SHINE counselor help me?
  • SHINE Counselors help Medicare beneficiaries and their caregivers navigate the complex health insurance system.
  • A SHINE Counselor can explain Medicare options and how Medicare works in everyday language.
  • A SHINE Counselor can help compare the costs and benefits of Medicare and other health insurance options and help you enroll in a health insurance program that best fits your needs.
  • A SHINE Counselor can help people with limited resources enroll in programs that help pay health insurance costs.
  • A SHINE Counselor can help answer some of the following commonly asked questions:
    • What does Medicare pay for?
    • When should I enroll?
    • How do I avoid a late enrollment penalty?
    • Which parts of Medicare do I need?
    • What is "Medigap" insurance?
    • What is a Medicare HMO or Medicare Advantage Plan?
    • Is Medicare Advantage right for me?
    • Which Part D Plan (PDP) will cover my drugs?
    • Can I get help paying for my Medicare costs?
    • Do I qualify for MassHealth/Medicaid?
    • Why did I receive a bill after seeing my doctor?
    • How do I appeal a Medicare denial?
    • Why wasn't my drug paid for when I went to the pharmacy?
    • Will Medicare pay for my nursing home stay?

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