What is an Owner’s Project Manager, who is ours, and what do they do?

It is the job of the Owner's Project Manager (OPM) to represent the Town during the entire duration of the construction project. Among many other responsibilities, the OPM oversees the hiring of the Architect and General Contractor/Construction Manager, manages the project schedule and budget, and coordinates communication between the Town and the Massachusetts School Building Authority (MSBA). Because they serve such an important function, the OPM must submit a formal proposal of qualifications and interview with the Town before being hired. The MSBA must also approve the Town's selected OPM before they are hired by the Town.

The OPM selected for the Smith Elementary School Project is PMA Consultants, LLC (PMA) of Braintree, MA. PMA's project managers bring significant experience to the Town of Danvers with their resume of over 30 K through 12 school projects managed alongside the MSBA. Some of their school projects within the North Shore area include Essex Tech High in Danvers, Saugus Middle High School, North Reading Middle High School, Swampscott High School, Somerville High School, Wellington Elementary in Belmont, and Thompson Elementary in Arlington.

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1. What is a Construction Manager, who is ours, and what do they do?
2. How much does the Smith School Project cost and how much has been spent to date?
3. Why does the Smith Elementary School need to be replaced?
4. Will enrollment at the Smith School increase?
5. Will the Town be completing a redistricting process to help address growing enrollment?
6. What is the Smith School Project at a glance?
7. What site was selected for the new Smith School, and why?
8. What does the project timeline look like?
9. How much will the project cost?
10. How will the Town pay for the new school and how much will it cost the tax payers?
11. Who is the architect for the Smith School project?
12. What is an Owner’s Project Manager, who is ours, and what do they do?
13. What is the MSBA?
14. How can I get involved and stay informed about the Smith School Project?